Satellite Altimetry for Storm Surge Observation


Storm surges are climatic events which can lead to strong damages on coastal areas. Storm surges are typically monitored by in-situ observational methods such as tidal gauges. But satellite sea-level altimetry could provide a useful complement in the near future. For this purpose, specific data processing is needed to correct for measurement artefacts in coastal areas. C- TEP will provide access to specific coastal altimetry products developed by the Center for Topographic studies of the Ocean and Hydrosphere (CTOH) laboratory in France. In addition, a post-processing tool developed by the CNR (Italy) will be used to allow a direct comparison of satellite measurements with tidal gauge readings. This “translation” of Earth Observation data into information, that is user-friendly to non-EO experts, is a key objective of C-TEP which will be demonstrated through this project.

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