The Mediterranean Pilot Case: Using Coastal TEP to create value added services


C-TEP Partner, Planetek, is currently developing a pilot project dedicated to the production of water quality indicators based on Earth Observation (EO) data. This application processes the EO data according to specific rules adapted to the regional environment in Italian coastal waters, and produces synthetic quality indicators that can be used by local authorities and decision makers.

This service application uses Planetek’s IT infrastructure in Bari, Italy, but it works in synergy with the C-TEP main center in Sophia Antipolis, France, to get EO data inputs. This integration illustrates the “Child TEP” concept promoted by the C-TEP, allowing partners to become part of a network of interconnected platforms exchanging data and services. This concept allows the partners to create added-value products and services by building on the resources of the C-TEP community.

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