How do I subscribe?

C-TEP will provide both free and premium subscription packages with different levels of service based on your processing needs.

Currently, C-TEP is in pre-operations phase. If you are interested in testing the platform or taking part in validation activity, please contact us at coastal-tep@esa.int.

What data are available?

During pre-operational phase, the following datasets are available

  • Access to Copernicus data
  • Access to GlobColour archive of Ocean Colour Level 3 products
  • Access to Landsat archive

Will I be able to upload data to the catalogue?

If you find that the data you require is not present in the catalogue, please contact us at coastal-tep@esa.int. If the dataset is relevant to the C-TEP community and its availability is confirmed, we will add it to the catalogue. C-TEP will also consider publication of datasets generated on the platform if they are meeting quality and traceability standards.

What processes can I run?

During pre-operational phase, the following processing capabilities are available

  • Sentinel 2 atmospheric correction processors
  • GlobColour data extraction processors
  • Change detection
  • Data extraction tools (time series, statistics)
  • Access to SNAP and QGIS functionalities

In addition, users will be able to upload their own processors to run through the platform.

What languages/libraries are supported by C-TEP?

Users may install any language or libraries running under linux. Just include all dependencies in your processor package before uploading it on the platform. If you want to share your processor, make sure that this is compatible with the license of the software you are relying on.

What are the typical processing times?

Processing times depend on the input dataset, spatial and temporal parameters and the particular type of process job being run. For each process undertaken, C-TEP will provide an indication of the expected processing time. Users will have the ability to abort the job at any point during processing.

Where can I seek support and advice on available datasets?

The C-TEP user forum is the place to ask questions regarding the characteristics of the datasets (including validation data and anomaly investigation). We will answer your questions to the best of our ability and redirect you to the data provider if needed.

The forum shall be available shortly. In the meantime, please feel contact coastal-tep@esa.int with any queries.

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