Terms & Conditions

C-TEP Commitments

C-TEP respects the privacy of users’ data. User activity (data products retrieved, processing performed) on C-TEP is recorded for accounting purposes only. No personal data will be provided to third parties. Private data will not be visible to other users.

The C-TEP team provides their best effort to ensure the availability of the system and to support users. Users are invited to report any issues they face on the forum. The forum shall be moderated regularly by the C-TEP during regular working hours.

Data sources and processors in the C-TEP catalogue have been selected by our scientific committee based on their quality and reliability. C-TEP will support users on the use of these products and services as far as possible, and redirect users to the data and processor providers if further support is required.

The C-TEP team will warn users at least one week in advance about planned maintenance operations. Unplanned outages will be reported on a best effort basis.

User Commitments

Users may store in their data storage area only material that is owned, licensed or has been lawfully obtained. Users suspected of holding illegal material will be notified and asked to comply with the rules. Users who fail to comply within one week will have their account revoked.

Users must follow the terms and conditions of the data and processors accessible in the C-TEP catalogue. In particular, users must respect the rights concerning redistribution and modifications of the data products. Users found infringing terms and conditions will be notified. Notified users willingly infringing the conditions will be revoked from C-TEP. In addition, the CTEP will notify ESA and advise a revoke action from the ESA SSO login.

Forum users shall respect other users and avoid irrelevant topics. Users showing inappropriate behaviour on the forum will be revoked.

The interactive application service is provided to support analysis and exploitation of Earth Observation data. Abuse of the service for non-intended purposes will lead to a notification and possible revocation in case of non-compliance.



C-TEP will not be held responsible for damages resulting from the use of processors and data provided.

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