C-TEP Functionality

Current Pre-Operational Version

The Coastal-TEP geobrowser is currently in pre-operational phase. The initial data and service footprint of the CTEP includes:

  • Access to Copernicus data
  • Access to the GlobColour archive of Ocean Colour Level 3 products
  • Sentinel 2 atmospheric correction processors
  • GlobColour data extraction processors
  • Access to SNAP and QGIS functionalities

We are currently inviting applications from users interested in testing the platforms capabilities and/or developing relevant pilot projects. If you are interested in testing the platform or taking part in validation activity, please contact us at coastal-tep@esa.int.

Future Version

In the future, CTEP will provide both free and premium subscription packages with different levels of service. Premium packages provide user support and tailored processing and data storage resources to meet your needs.


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