The current pre-opps version of the C-TEP will provide access to a selection of data catalogs and pre-approved processors which may be applied. Data catalogs and processing functionalities shall continue to grow in the future, through additions by the C-TEP team and our dedicated users.

The following videos introduce the easy steps it takes to:-

  1. Discover Sentinel-2 imagery for your chosen location and time and apply an atmospheric correction.
  2. Search for data, access and apply a processor to the data.

Demo Video  – How to apply a processor to queried data

Demo Video 2 – How to find Sentinel-2 data for a chosen location


Please go to our Wiki Tutorials for more informative videos on:-

  • Bathymetry  
  • Water Quality


Within the GeoBrowser, helpful tutorials and information may be found by clicking the help icon in the top right-hand corner. Tutorials may also be found via this link.

Tutorials include:

  • Access and navigation of C-TEP Geo Browser
  • Sen2cor processor
  • Interactive Application Service
  • Upload and run your own processor
  • Time series processor
  • User activity management
  • Adding a more complex processor
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